My story starts with being a poor kid coming from a family that didn't have a history of going to college.  I knew early on that if I wanted to get anywhere in life, I was going to have to work for it.  That is when I discovered football.  Football came during a dark time in my life, and when I started playing, I was a natural.  Even though I was undersized, I started on the defensive line, assisted my team in winning the state championship, and then went on to college to start in the same position.   This taught me the value of setting a goal, working hard, and achiveing it.  It also taught me the value of never giving up.

When I graduated in 1993, I was asked where I would be in 10 years.  I stated that I would own my own business.  In 2003, I started a technology consulting firm.  I managed and lead the business development efforts for Technology Professionals, LLC for 16 years.  In the last 5 years, four other ventures have been started.  The four verntures are Bow 2 Stern Technologies, concentrating in the vessel and fuel management solutions, Vitallync, a telemedicine health company that provided live medical visits to rigs, maritime vessels, and land locations in rural remote areas, Stratify Digital, a process automation company utilizing the Microsoft statck, and Straify MSP, a security driven managed information technology service company.

Presentation of the Chamber Star Award to Jason

I am a problem solver who thinks outside of the box.  Relentless effor to get the job done is my trademark.  By being a very analytical fast learner, I make quick calculated decisions.  The key is to not be afraid to make a decision.  If that decision doesn't work, you make another one.  Working through and resolving issues are a journey.  With every journey, you take multiple steps.  You will be in a different place with every step, but you have to take every step to reach your desitination.