After 16 years running a business assisting clients with their technology needs, performing the duties of the Chairman of the Board for the Houma-Terrebonne Chamber of Commerce, and particpating in many business and leadership events and programs, I found that owners and managers of companies have trouble finding time to really manage their companies.  They work in and not on their business.  I can show businesses owners how to work on their business while making them more efficient and more profitable.

The following services can be provided in house:

      i.     CEO

                    Vision, Planning, and Strategy

      ii.    CIO

                    Vision, Planning, and Strategy

      iii.   HR Consulting / Employee Development

                    Employee Handbook, Accountability, Motivation, Culture, and Job Descriptions

      iv.   Marketing & Sales Consulting

                    Social Media, CRM, Sales Process, and Closing the Deal

      v.    Operations Consulting

                    Workflow, Process, and Results

      vi.   Financial Consulting

                    Budget, P&L, and Balance Sheet

      vii.  Risk & Compliance Consulting

                    Downtime, HIPPA, SEC, and Sarbanes Oxley

      viii. ISO-9000

                     Audit, Pre-Audit, and Consulting

      ix.   Auditing

                     Auditor Management, Information Technology Audit (In House / 3rd Party), and Financial Audit

The following extended services can be provided through exclusive partnterships with Stratify:

     i.     Legal

     ii.    CFO